Dry Ridge System

Forget the traditional sand and mortar method of attaching tiles to your property, and opt for our dry ridge roof system. There’s been a whole world of development with dry ridge tile fixing over the years, and it is one of our best solutions for the attachment of ridge tiles to your roof. In fact, since the introduction of BS 5534, the dry ridge system is now a requirement for new property builds. However, if your roof tiles were attached via the traditional form, you are not required to have the dry ridge system – don’t panic.

Our team of contractors have plenty of experience in dry ridge tile fixing. We can guide you on what it means for your property, the benefits and how to maintain your pitched roof. Our roofing specialists have bags of experience in fitting new roofs.

There’s no job we won’t take a look at, and our initial quote for your roof is completely free.

Why Choose Our Dry Ridge Services?

Dry ridge systems require zero maintenance and will not become unsafe during bad weather. There are even more benefits:

 Maintenance free
 Improves ventilation
 Vast life expectancy
 Allows for natural roof movement
 Increases roof tile safety

What is a Dry Ridge System?

Roof tiles are fixed via two methods, including dry ridge. A dry ridge system relies on screws, often stainless steel, rather than sand and mortar for the bond. The screws attach clamps between the joins of every roof tile, which, in turn, clamps the tiles to the roof. Beneath those roof tiles are what’s called waterproof unions, designed to catch rainfall and disperse it back onto the roof. Therefore, your property doesn’t suffer water damage. Due to this massive benefit, our roofing specialists have seen a significant increase in those looking at dry ridge systems. By comparison, traditional mortar is easily affected by adverse weather conditions.

Choose a Dry Ridge Roof for:

  • New builds (BS 5334 requirements)
  • Update and repair existing roof
  • Wind has damaged your roof
  • Roof is leaking
  • Spend time maintaining your roof
  • Loose or unsafe ridge tiles


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